Quakers emphasise the importance of daily life and experience, rather than particular religious occasions. We meet on Sundays for convenience, but consider all days equally holy.

Meeting Houses are kept simple, without decoration. Elders nurture the spiritual life of each local Quaker meeting, and overseers provide pastoral care. None of these appointments are permanent, and none are paid. The responsibility for each meeting belongs to everyone.

Quaker Weddings

At Quaker weddings the couple marry each other by making the marriage promise to each other, and seeking God's help for its fulfilment.  During the meeting anyone present may speak, and afterwards everyone is invited to sign the Quaker marriage certificate as witnesses.

Quaker Funerals

At Quaker funerals, again everyone can contribute to the worship in silent prayer and reflection or in words. The effect of personal contributions from family and friends of the deceased is often very moving.

Quaker Meetings For Business

Quaker meetings for business are held in the spirit of worship. A Clerk conducts the meeting and acts as its servant. Everyone at the meeting can be involved in the discussion. When it seems right, the Clerk offers a minute which is amended until everyone agrees. It is then accepted without the need for a vote.